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Furry cosplay events and cosplay conventions have stepped up their game in recent years. They have gone to the next level with original, furry cosplay costumes, and you would not want to be left out. So what can you do to take your cosplay to the next level?

What is cosplay?

Cosplay is a combination of “costume” and “play.” It means people dress up as characters they admire. It can be a fictional character from comic books, science fiction series, adventure, or any other genre. People can also be characters from video games, or in the case of furries, different types of animals and original characters. The latter is known as a fursona.

Cosplay was coined around 1984, and since then, there has been an increase in the number of people interested in this subculture. There are countless conventions where people cosplay, such as Comic-Con. It was a hobby that exploded in the ’90s. Nowadays, it is enjoyed by people who are serious about bringing forth their favorite character. Some have even managed to make a career out of it.

Study your character

A cosplayer needs to study the character, whether they’re fictional or original. They try to recreate the look and personality of the character in as much detail as possible.

If the furry cosplay requires collars and leashes, you have to get them. If a character needs to have a certain makeup look or accessories or, cosplayers do their best to recreate them. Fursuits can be about combining certain materials to bring the character to life. That is why research and knowing your character is important. This is where you start the work and begin to plan and create the next level of your furry or non-furry cosplay.

Step up your makeup and painting game

Makeup can be extremely important for some cosplayers. If they are not in a fursuit or they have a different interpretation of a known character, they can use makeup or paint to create the features of their character.

Makeup is a skill that takes a lot of time to master. Some cosplayers take years to get the look they want. Others may go to a professional to achieve the look they desire. Regardless of how they get their looks, it’s important to try, try, and try again to get it as you want it. Practice can get you close to perfect, and every time you try, you get better. Many cosplayers have progressed significantly in their makeup skills since they started.

This can also apply to painting. However, getting quality face/body paint can also help get you to the next level of cosplay.

Crafting your own clothes

One way to upgrade your furry cosplay is to create your suits. This can take a lot of time and effort. But it will be your own and worth it. Creating your suit instead of buying one is a great way to make original characters. Here’s some advice for crafting your fursuits:

  • Clean up your seams, and make them more comfortable and durable.
  • Hemming. This can give you a professional look which can be achieved by using bias tape, fabric, or non-rip nylon. It can cover up imperfections, such as the edges not totally lining up.
  • Adding Lycra to the lining of your head. This can make it all come together and stay together while at a con.
  • Don’t forget the eyes and eyelids. Fursuits are mostly known for their fur (of course), colors, and often huge eyes. You can create attachable eyelids for better facial expressions. These can be made out of velcro that you add to the edge of the eye so as not to make it too obvious.

However, if you plan to take your furry cosplay to a different level, the Lovegasm website has a lot of butt tails for you. Some cosplayers use these tails to exhibit more realistic role-plays. With that, crafting isn’t the only way for you to be extra with your fantasies.

Lighting and electronics

We’ve talked about cons mostly, but there is another aspect of cosplay that can be equally important — photos. Many cosplayers like to take pictures of their cosplays to share with the world.

Therefore, you would want to invest in good lighting to get the best picture to show off your costume. You can also get other fun electronics to add to the pictures and go really artsy with them. You can also use these gadgets at your next con to give your character a standout look.

Unorthodox things you could try

Another way you can take your fur outfit to the next level is by thinking outside the box. You may toy around with tail plugs for a more realistic feel of being a real animal. This advice is especially useful for those who like to take their cosplay to the bedroom. You can use different types of items from sex shops or even toy stores, grocery stores, etc. Let your creativity and imagination run wild.

The point is to play around and see what works for you.

Things to remember

Although furry cosplays are often linked to a person’s sex life or cosplay porn, such as puppy play, pet play, pony play, kitten play, and any other type of petplay kink, that is not the main purpose of furry conventions. The main goal is for people to role-play as other characters and express themselves surrounded by other like-minded people.

Cosplay sex can be great, but it’s not what the conventions are about. The requirement is to dress up and essentially hang out. Conventions are just a place for people to share and express their interests. Also, make sure not to use NSFW gear (tail plugs and other sex toys) in front of young children.

Final word

If you want to take your furry cosplay to the next level, you need to know your character, plan the look, and get the material together to create it. With a lot of patience, love, and dedication, you can upgrade your fursona and have a lot of fun with it.

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