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25 Things You Should Know About Kansas City

By Barber Mary 4 years ago

There’s more to the City of Fountains than just barbecue. (Although the barbecue is legendary.) Study up before your next visit to the midwestern metropolis of 467,000.

1. Kansas City spans two states: Missouri and Kansas. The international airport, baseball stadium and football stadium are all on the Missouri side. The professional soccer team and theNASCAR race track are found on the Kansas side.

2. And you can be in both states at the same time if you stand on State Line Road, which runs north-south along the border of Missouri and Kansas.

3. However, the two states have not always been on friendly terms. During the Civil War, violence erupted across Kansas between abolitionists and fighters from slave state Missouri over whether or not Kansas would allow slavery. The state during this time became known as “Bleeding Kansas.”

4. Much of the city’s early economy was based on the …

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Kansas

By Barber Mary 4 years ago

The Midwestern state of Kansas is most famously known as the backdrop for the American film classic The Wizard of Oz, but the Sunflower State has so much more to explore than what most people know from the movie. As the 15th largest state by size, Kansas is rooted in agriculture, as evidenced by the endless fields of wheat and corn and the tallgrass prairies that remain one of the state’s most important natural treasures. There is a strong Native American history that is proudly showcased in public displays like the Keeper of the Plains plaza in Wichita.

While Kansas has a tranquil, historical, and natural ambiance, the state also immerses visitors into the authentic flavor of the Wild West by preserving historical areas like Boot Hill and Fort Larned, which have changed little since Buffalo Bill came through in the 1800s.

The progressive side of Kansas draws interest …

The Best restaurants in Kansas City

By Barber Mary 4 years ago

The Midwest food renaissance is alive and well, pulsating across the best restaurants in Kansas City and leading to some incredible local events as well. If this past year’s openings, a flurry of buzz-worthy new eateries and a food hall, are any indication, the city is just getting started.

Of course, traditional staples of the local gastronomical scene have long been BBQ dishes, steak and potatoes. While those are still readily available (and devouring them amounts to one of the best things to do in town), a new class of chefs has updated the beloved classics while staying true to their roots.

On our list, we highlight the new, the classic and the perennially exciting. You’re welcome.

1 Bluestem

Winning a James Beard award is no small feat, but it’s no surprise that chef Colby Garrelts Bluestem took home the honor in 2013. The restaurant offers three different tasting menus, …

The Best Things to Do in Kansas City When Someone Visits

By Barber Mary 4 years ago

Kansas City sits at the center of an identity crisis. It’s a liberal oasis in the middle of two red states, and the state line divides the city itself between Kansas and Missouri. That’s good news for you though. Each day is a chance to explore cultures, worlds, and time periods the average visitor probably wouldn’t expect from a flyover state. Give yourself a weekend and you’ll be hooked.

KC is also having a moment right now. Season 3 of Netflix’s popular Queer Eye reboot is filming here. FX’s next season of Fargo is set here, during KC’s 1950s gangland peak. And Democratic Party golden boy Jason Kander is set to become the city’s next mayor. The city as a whole is set to become the next Austin before long.

So here are the best things to do in Kansas City, both the Kansas and Missouri sides, including plenty of …

10 Amazing Things about Kansas City, Missouri

By Barber Mary 4 years ago

I have lived in Kansas City for the majority of my life – 18 years to say the least.

During the past four years I have been away at Truman State University, but that does not mean that I don’t have a plethora of memories from growing up there.

Since I turned 16 and was let loose on the city scene, I have gotten lost in northern Kansas City trying to see a community theater production; gotten my car stuck in the snow outside of a bar; sat in parking lot at one of the nation’s busiest Quicktrips at midnight eating taquitos with a friend to see if anything would happen there. I’ve been to the majority of the Target stores and locally-owned coffee shops, but have only brushed the siding of the new Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts. I’ve been to a few Royals Games, walked by a …

What should you do to remain COVID-Free when visiting Kansas City

By Barber Mary 2 years ago

It’s safe to say that the last two years were nothing short of weird. By the beginning of 2019, most of us were in shock when news of a new, deadly virus broke out. Before we knew it, nothing was the same. From our private lives to working remotely, almost every aspect of our everyday functioning changed.


Nevertheless, two years into this health crisis, we’ve come a long way. We have several COVID-19 vaccines that significantly lower the chances of ending up with a fatal case of pneumonia. However, this doesn’t mean that we should lower our guard, especially with new variants of the virus popping up every month or two.


Being aware of the dangers the virus poses for all of us is crucial if you’re traveling these days. Getting sick while on vacation or a business trip is the worst nightmare we can think of right

Taking Your Furry Cosplay to the Next Level

By Barber Mary 2 years ago

Furry cosplay events and cosplay conventions have stepped up their game in recent years. They have gone to the next level with original, furry cosplay costumes, and you would not want to be left out. So what can you do to take your cosplay to the next level?

What is cosplay?

Cosplay is a combination of “costume” and “play.” It means people dress up as characters they admire. It can be a fictional character from comic books, science fiction series, adventure, or any other genre. People can also be characters from video games, or in the case of furries, different types of animals and original characters. The latter is known as a fursona.

Cosplay was coined around 1984, and since then, there has been an increase in the number of people interested in this subculture. There are countless conventions where people cosplay, such as Comic-Con. It was a hobby that

Using Anal Toys For Solo Play

By Barber Mary 3 years ago

When you’re boldly going where no man (or woman) has ever gone before, it might be a wise idea to make it a solo adventure. You can still have a lot of fun on your own. Plus, it’s probably smart to test the waters of anal pleasure on your own first before you actually let someone else poke around there.

We hear all these stories about youngsters being sexually adventurous and trying out different things. And, consequently, getting a horror story of a lifetime that they might share at parties or at their therapy sessions (depending on how self-aware they are). However, some teen anal stories are so scary that they leave the rest of us wondering, “Why would I even want to try this?”

Well, let’s not get hasty. Solo anal play can be quite pleasurable if we pace ourselves and dance to the beat of our own drum, …